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Social Events
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Cedar Point Club is available for Business, Civic, Charitable, and Social Events. Below is a listing of ways in which we can help you utilize the Club for your meeting and entertaining needs.

  • Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

  • Rehearsal Dinners

  • Birthday Parties

  • Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

  • Poolside Receptions

  • Family and Class Reunions

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

  • Baby Showers

  • Bridal Showers

  • Holiday Parties

  • Many other opportunities



Cedars on the Nansemond, a large dining room space which can serve approximately 140 guests, looks out onto the picturesque Nansemond River. Cedars offers a neutral palate and modern feel that are easily adaptable for your event. The large windows are a benefit of this space, offering stunning views of the outdoor surroundings. The clubhouse also features small meeting rooms and a large banquet area that can host events from 50 to 140. Included in the rental are our existing tables, chairs, china, glass ware and silver. It is the mission of the team to ensure that the venue is converted into a place that fulfills every vision and dream the client hopes for.


Entire Club, Food & Beverage Minimum
(seated capacity 120) 

Breakfast $1700.00

Lunch $2300.00

Dinner $4400.00

Entire Club, Non-Member Fee
(Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) 

Breakfast $1700.00

Lunch $2500.00

Dinner $3500

Entire Club, Non-Member Fee
(Friday and Saturday) 

Breakfast $2500.00

Lunch $3500.00

Dinner $5000.00


The Juniper Room can accommodate 40 members and guests. Derived from the scientific name Juniperus Virginiana, Junipers are coniferous trees and in the cedar family that are native to our area. A more masculine aesthetic, The Juniper Room makes a perfect spot for grooms and groomsmen to share a toast prior to a wedding ceremony or dine before a bachelor party. Oh, by the way, Juniper berries also make a nice cocktail garnish and is the only botanical found in all gins. This gives us a reason to celebrate the spirit of spirits.

Juniper Room, Food and Beverage Minimum
(seated capacity 28) 

Breakfast $375.00

Lunch $500.00

Dinner $700.00

Juniper Room, Non-Member Room Fee
(Friday and Saturday and Sunday) 

Breakfast $250.00

Lunch $500.00

Dinner $750.00

Juniper Room, Non-Member Room Fee
(Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) 

Breakfast $200.00

Lunch $400.00

Dinner $600.00

The Godwin Room
The Godwin Room which is named after Governor Mills E. Godwin, who was present at our opening ceremony in 1964. The space itself is a blank canvas with endless potential and can accommodate up to 20 guests. The Godwin Room is perfect for bridal showers and luncheons, or other intimate private gatherings.

Godwin Room, Food and Beverage Minimum 
(seated capacity 16)

Breakfast $200.00

Lunch $275.00

Dinner $400.00

Godwin Room, Non-Member Room Fee
(Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Breakfast $125.00

Lunch $150.00

Dinner $200.00

Godwin Room, Non-Member Room Fee
(Friday and Saturday and Sunday)

Breakfast $150.00

Lunch $175.00

Dinner $225.00

Tell us about your party.
It’s up to you. Having fun and building relationships are important, and they are done in a variety of ways. No one can compare to the prefect event at the perfect place. Cedar Point Club wants to be a part of your social function. Can you tell us about your party?

(757) 238-2275


Facility Tours are available Tuesday-Saturday by appointment only.